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Curtis Salgado & Alan Hager (USA)
Rough Cut (2018)(Alligator Records)

Salgado teams up with his bands guitarist Hager on this stripped-down album. Made up of thirteen songs, of which six are original. 

The album can be heard here:

Tinsley Ellis (USA)        
Winning Hand (2018)(Alligator Records)

This album consists of nine originals and one cover. For me this is Tinsley best album for some time?

The album can be heard here:

Nick Moss Band feat. Dennis Gruenling (USA)
The High Cost Of Low Living (2018)(Alligator Records)

The much anticipated debut release on alligator records doesn’t fail to deliver. High energy Chicago blues from start to finish. Although Nick and Dennis have jammed and played together often, this is there first collaboration.

Moss wrote eight of the tracks, and Gruenling wrote two the album is produced Kid Andersen.

Mick Clarke (UK)
Bent Frets (2018)

British Blues/Rock. The album is made up nine originals and four covers. Stellar stuff….

The album can be heard and purchased here:

FreeWorld (USA)
What It Is (2017)

A new name to me, but what a pleasant surprise.

The album, along with other release can be purchased from their website.

Carolyn Gaines (USA)
Beware Of My Dog (2018)

A fine debut release from Carolyn

The album can be purchased from her website.

The Reverend Shawn Amos (USA)
Breaks It Down (2018)

More of a concept album. This won’t be for everyone.

Johnny Tucker (USA)
Seven Day Blues (2018)
If you’re a blues fan you will know that there are two versions of this album kicking around. One mastered by Jon Atkinson and the official release mastered by Bob Corritore.

After listening to both I have to say they both have their own merits. Jon’s version has more tracks and different track tiles for some of the numbers.

Anyway it’s a album worth checking out

Jon’s version can be heard here:

Tanya Piche Blues Band (UK)
Wolf Woman Blues (2017)

This is a fine debut release from the band. Solid blues.

The album can be purchased from their website….

Zoe Schwarz Blue Commotion (UK)
The Blues And I Should Have A Party (2017)

Zoe and the band seem to go from strength to strength.

The album along with previous release can be purchased from her website.

A video of the title track can be seen here: