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Sugar Brown (USA/Canada)
Poor Lazarus (2015)

This is the second release from Dr. Ken Kawashima, aka Sugar Brown.

Sugars not your typical blues artist, as he’s of Asian parentage. Born in the USA he’s now resident in Canada.

What you get is 14 excellent tracks consisting of originals and covers. There’s some great harmonica on here courtesy of Bharath Rajakumar.

Tracks from the album can be heard here: https://soundcloud.com/sugar-brown-blues

A previous Sugar Brown sampler called Sad Day, can be heard and purchased here: https://sugarbrown1.bandcamp.com/

Lee Palmer (Canada)
Like Elway (2015)

Not strictly blues, but a mixture of genres. That said this is a fine album.

The album can be heard and purchased here: http://leepalmer.ca/album/like-elway/

Lara & The Bluz Dawgz (USA)
Howlin (2015)

Excellent second album from this band. Well worth checking out.

The album can be purchased and heard at the bands website.

Clarence “The Blues Man” Turner (USA)
The Caster Blaster (2015)

Nice dose of funky blues.

This is the second release from Clarence. Both release can be purchased from his website.

D'Mar & (Gill USA)
Take It Like That (2015)

Evocative juke joint blues, mixed with……… This duo are made up of drummer Derrick “D’Mar” Martin and singer/guitarist Chris Gill.

The thirteen original compositions also feature Jerry “The Groovemaster” Jemmott (bass), Chris “Kid” Andersen (bass, guitar), Lisa Andersen (background vocals), Bob Welsh (piano and B-3 organ), Aki Kumar (harmonica) and Frankie Ramos (sax).

Go check ‘em out!

Angels Sings The Blues (USA)
(AKA Shirley Johnson - Liz Mandeville – Mary Lane With Johnny Drummer & The Starliters)
Angels Sings The Blues (2015)(Earwig Music)

This CD was recorded in Chicago in concert in March 2007 with 3 studio tracks added from March 2013. The album consists of 14 live and 3 studio.

Some reviews for this release have been less the generous, but I like it.

The album can be heard and purchased here:

1. A Real Mother For Ya • Al “Guitar” Short 4:32
2. Cold Women With Warm Hearts • Danny O’connor 4:26
3. Gonna Sell My Cadillac, Buy Myself A Mule • Johnny Drummer 5:18
4. Born In The Delta • Johnny Drummer 5:00
5. Get Your Lovin’ Where You Spend Your Time • Shirley Johnson 3:42
6. Just As Grown As You • Mary Lane 3:38
7. Ride In Your Automobile • Mary Lane 4:22
8. Rockin’ In The Juke Joint • Johnny Drummer 4:50
9. I’m Going To Find Me A Lover • Shirley Johnson 4:36
10. Unchain My Heart • Shirley Johnson 4:49
11. Please Don’t Mess With My Man • Mary Lane 5:57
12. Johnny Drummer Introduces Liz Mandeville 1:36
13. Use What You Got • Liz Mandeville 5:14
14. Just Want To Make Love To You • Liz Mandeville 5:13
15. Angel From Montgomery • Liz Mandeville, Mary Lane, Shirley Johnson 4:53
16. Oh Please Don’t Kill Us • Jake And Elwood Blues Brothers Bit 1:35
17. Run A Red Light • Mary Lane 4:32 Bonus Track