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As someone who has a keen interest in harmonica playing, I have now started a harmonica hub. Please note this a work in progress and will be updated regulary. More details can be found at: 


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Matyas Pribojszki (Hungary)

These two fine releases just underline why Matyas is one of Europe’s top harmonica players. If you’ve never heard him, it’s time to get acquainted. 

Matyas Pribojszki Band – My Stories (2016)

This release is made up of eleven originals and one cover.

Apart from Matyas’s fine band he is joined by Charlie Musselwhite (USA), Bob Margolin (USA), Kid Andersen (USA), Andy J. Forest (USA), Bill Barrett (USA), Ryan Donohue (USA), Little G. Weevil (USA/H), Ripoff Raskolnikov (A), Raphael Wressnig (A), Nemes Zoltán (H).

Here’s a video of Matyas and the band, With Little G. Weevil and Zoltán Nemes performing Memphis Soul off the album:

Grunting Pigs – Grunt Away (2016)

GP’s are Matyas and guitar player Ferenc Szasz. Primarily made up of covers, with one original. The two  guys bounce off each other well.

You can hear some of the tracks from the album here:

Both albums are highly recommended. Go on check ‘em out!


Attention UK/Europe Harp Lovers

Billy Branch - Magic Dick - James Harman - Giles Robson

Blues Kitchen, Camden, London, Thu 19th Jan 2017 FREE ENTRY: reserve table/add yourself to guest list

Great British Rock & Blues Festival, Fri 20th Jan 2017 tkts:

North Sea Jazz Club, Amsterdam, at 21st Jan 2017 (Magic Dick, James Harman and Robson only) tkts: