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As someone who has a keen interest in harmonica playing, I have now started a harmonica hub. Please note this a work in progress and will be updated regulary. More details can be found at: 


Michael Packer (USA)
I Am The Blues My Story Vol 3 (2017)

Sadly for Michael, this recording turned out to be his swan song. Michael died from liver cancer on May 6, 2017.

The 14-track album continues the format of a running narrative of song introductions and accompanying musical tracks that detail the life and times of the well-travelled bluesman.

These are new recordings, so his declining health is apparent. A fitting tribute.

ElectroBluesSociety feat Kim Snelton (Holland)
Duck (Single) (Black & Tan)(2017)
I don’t normally do reviews singles, but I think this a track everyone should own. EBS are a duo who experiment with blues using different recording techniques. This time they have teamed up with harmonica player Kim Snelton to produce something special.

You can hear the single here:

Gordon Meier Blues Experience (USA)
Magic Kingdom (2017)

Gordon’s a new name to me so I wasn’t to sure what to expect. I can say I was pleasantly surprised. Mainly covers with a couple of originals. Well worth a listen. Dennis Gruenling plays harmonica on five of the tracks.

The album can be heard and purchased from his website.

Slinky & P'tit Loup (GDR)
Zone Bleue (2017)

Another fine release. A nice blend of styles. Made up of thirteen covers and originals.

Married man blues, a track from the album can be heard here:

Jon Spear Band (USA)
Hot Sauce (2017)

This latest release from blues-rockers JSB find them in fine form. The album is made up of twelve original songs.

The bands previous releases can be heard here:

Snakewater (UK)   
Aint No More Room In Hell (2017)

Second release from this four piece band from Manchester. This is definitely rock/blues. So turn up the volume to spinal tap 11 and damn the neighbours!

Vintage#18 (USA)
Grit (2017)

Debut from this band. The albums made up of nine originals and two covers. Best described as blues/soul with overtones of rock. Worth checking out.
Soundbites of The album can be heard here: