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Mike Vernon & The Mighty Combo (UK)
Just A Little Bit (2015)(Cambaya Records)

Mike is predominately known for his record producing and owner of the Blue Horizon record label.

Mike steps out from behind the console to release only his third solo album in 40 years.

This is a rather enjoyable album is effectively an album of covers, but well done, and worthy of a listen. And of course is produced by Mike.

Sound bites can be found on Amazon:

For more info on Mike’s music career, go here:

The next two releases come courtesy of Andy at Mad Ear Productions.

Dave Hunt (AKA Harmonica Dave)(UK)
Whiskey & Demons (2015)(Mad Ear Productions)

This is the second release from Dave. The first was under the name Harmonica Dave.

What you get is more excellent Harp driven blues. Bring it on!

NB. Some of the tracks were co-written with Anita Havens, who wrote the excellent Book ‘That’s Why We Sang The Blues’. A must have read.

Last Chance Saloon (UK)
Last Chance Saloon (2015)(Mad Ear Productions)

This is not a blues album, but a blend of blues, rock, and Americana.

‘Last Chance Saloon’ aka singer-songwriter Andy Littlewood, brings you a collection of self-penned tracks on this debut album. Album tracks include the infectious opener ‘Gravy Train’, the hook-ridden ‘Delta Sky’, the spiritual themed ‘Leap of Faith’, the delta blues influenced ‘Bad Blood’, and the groove driven ‘Fistful of Mojo’. Andy Littlewood is possibly best known for his work as producer on albums by Mick Simpson (‘Unfinished Business’), Malaya Blue (‘Bourbon Street’), and Harmonicadave (‘Box Full of Blues’), Andy is also a prolific songwriter, and has written songs for a variety of recording artists including 80’s American rock band ‘Starship’, and UK reggae singer ‘Maxi Priest’. The Last Chance Saloon album features top guest musicians such as Mick Simpson who plays the majority of lead guitar, and Dave Hunt on harmonica. Andy provides the keyboards, bass and rhythm guitars.

Both releases along with others, can be purchased from the labels website: http://www.madearsproductions.com/#/shop/4559734034

Mississippi Fever (USA)
300 Miles To Memphis (2015)(Self Released)

Definitely in the Blues/Rock category.  This album features one of favourite up and coming harmonica players, Brandon Santini.   

All in all for a first release, not to shabby.

The album can heard and purchased from the bands website. Go give it a listen!

Gary Smith - David Barrett & Aki Kumar (USA)
It Takes Three (2015)(Greaseland Records)
Aki Kumar – http://www.akikumar.com/
David Barrett – http://www.bluesharmonica.com/home
Gary Smith –

By far my favourite release of the year. This is harmonica heaven. Go buy it. You want be disappointed.

The album can be heard and purchased here:

For all you budding harmonica players, the transcription of the songs can be purchased here for $20:

You may also want to check out David’s harmonica website, for more on harmonica and lessons.

Both David and Gary have instructional books and DVD’s out. And of course all three have other recordings. Just put their names into your favourite search engine.

You can see the guys in action, playing tracks of the CD here:

Bombay Stroll by Aki Kumar - https://youtu.be/iAPr6qUTufg

Blow! Blow! Blow! by David Barrett - https://youtu.be/616fOnrnhlA

Up All Night With The Blues by Gary Smith - https://youtu.be/uMkcK99oBnI