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Rockin’ Johnny Burgin (USA)

These first three releases come courtesy of Rockin’ Johnny Burgin and Stephanie Tice. RJ’s not a new name to Blues 247, in fact he has sent several of his recordings over the years, and I thank him for that. Stephanie is a new name I haven’t heard of before. Stephanie is listed as executive producer on Howlin’ At Greaseland, and presents ‘Basking In The Blues’ with Ginger Moonstone on KKCR

Greetings From Greaseland (2015) (West Tone Records)

This is the first time I’ve heard this album in its entirety, and I have to say I love this album. For me there’s no weak tracks. It now sits in my favourite CD pile.

The album features: Johnny on Guitar/Vocals/Harmonica with: Kid Andersen, Guitar, Organ/Aki Kumar, Harp/Vance Ehlers, Bass/June Core, Drums.

Greetings From Greaseland can be heard and purchased here:

Neoprene Fedora (2017) (West Tone Records)

On this release Johnny steps away from the normal straight ahead blues on some of the tracks and introduces elements of zydeco, surf, swing and others. The album is made up of 12 originals and 4 covers. Again this is a great release, and should be in ANY blues lover collection.

The album features: Rockin Johnny Burgin: Guitar/Vocal/Harmonica/ Aki Kumar: Harmonica/Vocals/ Alabama Mike: Guest Vocals/ Kid Andersen: Guitar/Piano/Electric Piano/Bass/ Nancy Wright: Sax/
Bob Welsh: Guitar/Piano/ Vance Ehlers, Chris Matheos: Bass/ Stephen Dougherty, June Core: Drums/ Steve Willis: Accordion/ Billy Wilson: Rub Board

Neoprene Fedora can be heard and purchased here:

VA - Howlin’ At Greaseland (2017) (West Tone Records)

As the title may imply this is a tribute to the late great Howlin’ Wolf. There have been others before, but for me this is one of the better ones. What I particularly like is the album has a laid back, jam feel to it.

The album features Alabama Mike/John 'Blues' Boyd/Terry Hanck/Taildragger/Henry Gray and Lee Donald with Rockin’ Johnny Burgin/Aki Kumar/Rick Estrin/Kid Andersen/and more…….

Howlin’ At Greaseland can be heard and purchased here:

Johnny’s Complete Discography

More info about RJ and his projects can be found on his website.


Mark Olbrich Blues Eternity (UK)
Blues Everywhere (2017) (HRPP Records)

This latest release from bass player Mark Olbrich, delivers a hefty dose of Blues/Rock. This release is 7 tracks long, which may seem short, but most tracks last over 5 minutes. There’s some great harmonica playing courtesy of Laurie Garmen. Mark is also backed up by Eddie Angel/Vcls – Igor Nowicki/keys – Alessandro Cinelli, Maurice McElroy and Filippo Giangrande/Drums – Paul McGinley/Piano – John Eacott/Trumpet.

The album can be heard and purchased, along with other releases here:


Neil Hawker (Australia)
South By East (2017)

Neil’s a new name to me. I stumbled across a video of him on Youtube. Anyway we connected via Facebook, which resulted in Neil sending me the album. This album turned out to be pleasant surprise. Probably best described a jazzy/blues. I look forward to his future releases.

The album can be heard and purchased here: