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As someone who has a keen interest in harmonica playing, I have now started a harmonica hub. Please note this a work in progress and will be updated regulary. More details can be found at: 


Julian Sas (Holland)
Feelin Alive (2017)

I managed to see Julian live a few years back on his last UK tour. He was good then, but listening to this recording he matured as a guitar player.

Recorded live during his 2016 ‘Coming Home Tour’, this is a blend of originals and covers.

This is more rock then blues, but it’s still a fine recording.

If you’re not acquainted with Julian’s music, now’s the time.


Mo Al Jaz (France)
The Blues Of Little Walter (2017)

I know what you’re going to say. ‘Not another tribute to Little Walter’. You’d be wrong. Firstly you can never get enough of Little Walter. Secondly instead of trying to reproduce Walters’s songs note for note, Mo gives them his own spin.

In keeping with the originals, the sound on this is defiantly ‘Old School’, and was recorded At Bigtone Records, USA.

The album was produced by Little Victor. Mo is backed on this recording by Dexter Shaw, his daughter Francesca, drummer Robert Pokorny, and Big Jon Atkinson.

This is a must for all harmonica and blues fans.

The album can be heard and purchased from his website.


Tiny Legs Tim (Belgium)
Melodium Rag (2017)
Stepping Up (2015)

Tim De Graeve aka Tiny Legs Tim gets his name from his thin legs, a consequence of the many years he spent in hospital fighting for his life. I guess you can say he was destined to play the blues?

Melodium Rag – Is a stripped-down album, with Tim on acoustic guitar from 1943, and Steven Troch (Harmonica).  The album was recorded, one take, no overdub, directly onto tape and with one microphone only. Apparently no computers were used during the recordings!

The album is made up of eleven originals and one cover. That being Son House’s ‘Death Letter’ which Tim gives his own spin on.

I like this album a lot, and should be in anybody’s collection. Highly recommended.

Steppin’ Up – as with Melodium Rag, this is another fine album.

This album was recorded live and direct at the Boma studio’s in Ghent during a five days session in December 2014. As with the previous recording, Tim keeps everything Lo Fi.

All the tracks written by Tim.

The band on this recording is:

Guitars And Vocals: Tiny Legs Tim
Harmonica: Steven Troch
Double Bass: René Stock
Drums: Frederik Van den Berghe

Both recording can be purchased from his website. Go get them……….