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Jon Spear Band (USA)
Old Soul (2014)

A nice first release from this band. A nice blend of genres, but never to far from the blues. 

The album can be heard/purchased from the bands website or here: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/jonspearband


Chris Daniels & the Kings featuring Freddi Gowdy (USA)
Funky To The Bone (2015)

Well its funky to the bone! 

The album can be heard/purchased here:

The bands other release can be heard/purchased here: http://www.cdbaby.com/Artist/ChrisDanielstheKings


Breezy Rodio (USA)
So Close To It (2015)

Nice solid Chicago style blues.

Breezy was Linsey Alexander bandleader. Linsey saw great potential in Breezy. They began playing music together, and before long, Breezy became Alexander’s bandleader. In 2010 Breezy worked on Alexander’s album “If You Ain’t Got It.”

Breezy also led the band on Alexander’s recently released-album “Come Back Baby”, featuring Billy Branch.

This album features Billy Branch, Lurrie Bell and Carl Weathersby.

The album can be bought from the website.

Well worth checking out.


Jeremy McEwen (USA)
Mississippi Free (2015)(Single)

Nice country blues. This is a single and is not associated with any album.

This along with other music can be heard and purchased from Jeremy’s website. There also some free tracks on the website.