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Here’s whishing everyone a happy Christmas and new year. A BIG thanks to all the people who have kindly sent me music over the year. It’s your support that makes Blues 247 what it is.

Over the Christmas period we will be playing a selection of Christmas tunes. Hope you enjoy them?

Welcome to this roundup of new music in at Blues 247. Tracks from all the artists featured here can be heard on the stations playlist.


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Links Page Updated. I’ve updated the links page to include all Bands/Artists/Record Labels and PR people. If you sent music and I’ve NOT included you please email me so I can rectify it. A BIG thanks to all who generously sent music.

Laura Cheadle (USA)
Where The Blues Hangs Out (2104)

The lady sings the blues. Boy does the lady sing the blues! Thirteen excellent tracks, ten originals and three covers.

Sound bites and albums can be heard/bought from the website.

Schuld And Stamer (Canada)
Kuddle Muddle (2014)

Not much I can tell you about these artists. After a bit of research, Hans Stamer apparently fronted Canadian band R&B Allstars. He is also into jazz, and is also a goldsmith!

Taken from their CD Baby web page:

Kuddelmuddel is a German word that describes an unstructured mix of components, a mish-mash, a jumble, a hodgepodge...The music on this album contains elements of folk, jazz, rock, world-music, country, techno, funk and - above all - the blues. It has been recorded, mixed and mastered on computers - mixing samples, loops and modern production techniques with great live performances on vintage instruments.

It is a true Kuddelmuddel.

Certainly a different take on the genre, and maybe not to everyone’s taste?