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Guy Belanger (Canada)
Blues Turn (2015)(Bros Records)

This is a seriously good album. Some stand out harmonica playing, backed by some good musicians. Most notable are Jimmy Johnson, Kenny ‘Beedy Eyes’ Smith and Studebaker John.

While playing classic blues, Guy’s not afraid to step away from it, but not too far.

A nice blend of originals and covers.

I have to say this is one of my favourite albums of the year. Do yourself a favour and buy a copy.


The Stephen Barry Band (Canada)
Treat Her Right (2015)(Bros Records)

A new name to me. But on further investigation, this band’s been around for 40 years!

You would expect them to have a whole host of recordings, but this is only the ninth. Obviously going for quality over quantity?

Some tracks from the album can be heard here:


JJ Appleton & Jason Ricci (USA)
Dirty Memory (2015)

I have to say JJ’s a new name to me, but I’ve been a long time admirer of Jason’s harp playing.

I wouldn’t call this an out and out blues album, but it never strays to far away. Eleven songs, Eight original and three covers.

The album can be purchased from the guys websites, or most major retailers.

Put it on your Christmas list.


The Jimmys (USA)
Hot Dish (2015)

HELL it’s time for a party! Nice stuff from the get go. Enough to wake the dead!

The album along with others can be heard and purchased from the bands website.

Go check ‘em out.


Mick Clarke (UK)
Shake It Up (2015)

Old school British blues at its best. Mick started off in a band called Killing Floor (http://www.marshalamp.com/killingfloorNF.htm), who were the backing band for Freddie King’s 1969 UK tour (http://www.marshalamp.com/freddiekingNF.htm). 

This along with other releases can be heard/purchased from his website.


Little Boys Blue (USA)
Bad Love (2014)

This is the third release from this band. I have to say I like this.

This release can be heard & purchased here:


Half Deaf Clatch (UK)
The Life & Death Of A.J Rail (2015)

I have to admit I’ve long been a fan of HDC (aka Andrew McLatchie). If this guys not on you radar, he should be!

Described as a concept album, I’m not sure if I love or hate this. It is certainly a slight departure from his other recordings, which are more traditional blues.

This along with other recordings can be heard and purchased here:

If you go here you download some of his free music: