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Elvin Bishop's Big Fun Trio (USA)  
Something Smells Funky (2018)(Alligator Records)

The second release from Elvin and the guys, finds them in great form.

You can hear the album here:  

Shemekia Copeland (USA)
America’s Child (2018)(Alligator Records)

Another fine release from Shemekia.

The album can be heard here:

Buddy Guy (USA)
The Blues Is Alive And Well (2018)

Although this has Buddy’s name on it, it is mainly written and produced by Tom Hambridge. Tom also plays drums on the tracks. There are guest appearances from Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Jeff Beck and James Bay.

Some tracks from the album can be heard here:

Tom Hambridge (USA)
The Nola Sessions (2018)

As you can see Tom’s a busy man. Although this a new release, most of it was recorded in 2015.

You can hear the album here:

Russ Green (USA)
City Soul (2018)

This is Russ’s debut album. And boy is it a cracker!

Sound bites can be heard here:

Lon Eldridge & Steven Troch (USA + Belgium)
Call Iron (2018)

Great acoustic guitar and harmonica playing. This is the debut release from this pairing, and I look forward to more?

The album can be heard and purchased from either artist’s page or: 

Brooks Williams (USA/UK)
Lucky Star (2018)

Another fine release from Brooks. Hans Theessink guests on two tracks.

You can hear and purchase the album here:

Rory Block (USA)
A Woman's Soul (Tribute To Bessie Smith) (2018)

Another fine tribute album. This time to Bessie Smith.

Here’s videos of the tracks:

Steve Howell And The Mighty Men (USA)
Good As I Been To You (2018)

More accustomed to playing solo, Steve’s back with his second release with the mighty men.

The album can be heard here:

Steel Union (UK)
Life And Other Problems (2017)

Steel Union are an acoustic blues duo based in Peterborough in the UK. The duo are made up of Richard Gibson on Vocals & Harmonica (Blues Harp) and Richard Turner on Vocals, National Bottleneck/Slide Guitar & Acoustic Guitar.

The album  can be purchased from their website.

Slidetracked (UK)
Working So Hard (2017)
Hoping For Grace (2018)

Sidetracked are: Tim Jones (Vcls & Guitar) and Rich Turner (Vcls & Guitar).

Both releases can be purchased from their website.