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As someone who has a keen interest in harmonica playing, I have now started a harmonica hub. Please note this a work in progress and will be updated regulary. More details can be found at: 

Blues 247 wants to wish everyone a merry festive period, and a happy New Year......

Attention UK/Europe Harp Lovers
Billy Branch - Magic Dick - James Harman - Giles Robson
Blues Kitchen, Camden, London, Thu 19th Jan 2017 FREE ENTRY: reserve table/add yourself to guest list
Great British Rock & Blues Festival, Fri 20th Jan 2017 tkts:
North Sea Jazz Club, Amsterdam, at 21st Jan 2017 (Magic Dick, James Harman and Robson only) tkts:

CeePeeVee Records 10th Year Anniversary 1997-2007 (Sweden)

A rather excellent compilation from the obscure Swedish record label. There’s not a bad track on the release. Most notable artist is Sven Zetterberg. Go Check ‘em out.

1. Sture Elldin - Slam Hammer
2. Danny & The Cappers - Rock Awhile
3. Blues Down Town - Left Me With A Broken Heart
4. Harmonica Henry - Sad City Blues
5. Thomas Hammarlund - Funnybone
6. Knock-Out Greg - Raining In My Heart
7. Danny & The Cappers - I Won't Like My Baby's Pudding
8. Sven Zetterberg - Slow Down Baby
9. Mathias Andersen - I Got Stomach Ache
10. Thomas Grahn - Its A Man Down There
11. Harmonica Henry - I Got To Go
12. Phil Trigwell - I Could Have Told You (UK)
13. Blues Down Town - Sad Memories
14. Sven Zetterberg - Tribute To Red
15. Joakim Barcheus - I'm A Radio King
16. Harmonica Henry - If You Think I Lost You
17. Jakob Norgern - Page Boy Shuffle
18. Harmonica Henry - I Ain't Got No Women Now
19. Blues Down Town - Everybody's Fishing
20. Conny Aidanpaa - Rockin' Down The Avenue
21. Harmonica Henry - Rockin' Hits
22. Phil Trigwell - Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me (UK)

The Rumblestrutters (UK)
Prohibation Blues (2016)

A very fine first release from this acoustic trio. The Rumblestrutters bring you feel-good blues, jazz and ragtime of the 1920s and ‘30s. The authentic sound of Prohibition America!

FYI: Apparently Rumblestrutting is the mating dance of guinea pigs!

The album can be bought from the bands website.

You can also hear the whole album here:

Jesus On A Tortilla (Italy)
Going To Main Street (2014)
Play Chicago (2015)

Chicago blues, Italian style! This excellent four piece band is fronted by Lorenzo "Mumbles" Albai on Harmonica/Vocals.

Both releases are mainly covers with a couple of originals. These guys are worthy of a listen. I really enjoyed both.

You can hear some of the bands music here:   

Jim Koeppel (USA)
RSVP To Paradise (2016)

This is an EP, containing five tracks. I’ve not heard of Jim before. This a nice ‘Easy On The Ears’ release. Jim is backed by some fine musicians, including Billy Branch.

The EP can be heard and purchased from his website.

Mother Road Trio (USA)
On Route 66 (2016)

Fine release made of mainly originals with a couple of covers for good measure.

The album can be heard and purchased from the bands website.

Boo Boo Davis (USA)
Live And Almost Unplugged [Live](2016)

“So far all of Boo Boo's records were cut in one take live in the studio, but without an audience. This is the first time we have released a record that is recorded live WITH an audience.  Boo Boo, John and Jan are not famous for playing soft or subtle but sometimes they really take it down if the situation asks for it. Cafe de Amer is a small barn in the middle of nowhere in the north of Holland. Over the last twenty years this place has become a famous stage where musicians from all over the world come to play for music fans from all over the country. The place holds a maximum of 100 people and the distance between the musicians and the audience is less then 3 feet. Over the years Boo Boo has become a regular and this was his sixth show in De Amer. The recordings for this release are made with just one stereo microphone in the middle of a completely packed room.”

This latest release from Boo Boo, may have been recorded Lo-Fi, but it doesn’t detract from the sound.

Jon Gindick
When We Die We All Come Back As Music (2016)

Harmonicist and guitarist Jon Gindick has been teaching harmonica for many years. His books on playing blues harmonica have sold over a million copies and have inspired many to play the harmonica. His Mississippi Delta Blues Harmonica Jam Camps held several times a year in Clarksdale, Mississippi and
Ventura, California.

Now with the help of producer multi-instrumentalist Ralph Carter, Jon has recorded his first album. It's a recording of all Jon-written tunes. Not strictly a blues album, but a blend of folk, blues, jazz, funk and blues harmonica.