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Blues Eaters (France)
Night Ridin’ Daddy (2018)

Great album. Mellow, and easy on the ears. Check them out.

Here’s the band performing a track off the album:

You can hear the album on spotify.

Eric Lindell (USA)
Revolution In Your Heart (2018)(Alligator Records)

Not exactly blues, but a very fine album.

You can hear the album here:

Mat Walklate (UK)
Sea Of Blues (2018)

Mat’s a fine exponent of harmonica playing. Mat also plays various genres, but returns to the blues for this release.

Well worth checking out.

If you’re looking for lessons, Mat does in person and Skype lessons.

You can hear sound bites and purchase a download here:

Waydown Wailers (USA)
Backland Blues (2018)

A new band to me, although this their third release. It’s hard to peg this genre wise. Blues it is. Blues it ain’t.

Wily Bo Walker (UK/USA)
Almost Transparent Blues (2018)

Although US based, Wily was born in the UK, and is one of the few UK artists to be inducted in to the U.S. Blues Hall of Fame.

I really wanted to like this album, but for me there is way too much keyboards on it.

Deb Ryder (USA)
Enjoy The Ride (2018)(Vizztone)

Ryder has several musical guests in addition to her fine band.  Coco Montoya, Kirk Fletcher and Chris Cain appear on guitar and Cain also offers up a fine vocal duet.  “Big Pete” Peter Van/der Pluim is on harp for most of the tracks, too.   Tony Braunagel is on drums and he produced the CD.  Johnny Lee Schell is her guitar player and plays bass on two tracks.  Mike Finnegan is on keys and also does a vocal duet with Deb.  James Hutch Hutchinson, Kenny Gradney and Bob Glaub are also on bass.  Mark Pender lends his trumpet to track 3 and Joe Sublett plays tenor sax on that cut and 3 others.

You can hear the album in its entirety here:

Brigitte Purdy (USA)
Still I Rise (2018)

High energy from start to finish.

You can find the album on spotify.

Greyhound (Netherlands)
Double Sixty (2018)

Greyhound are Sjoerd Heijda (Vocals, Guitars And Occasionally Piano Or Mandolin) and Klaas Vermeulen (Harmonica).

You can hear and purchase the album here:

Black Cat Road (USA)
Black Cat Road (2017)

High energy release from start to finish.

The album can be heard and purchased from their website.