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Welcome to this roundup of new music in at Blues 247. Tracks from all the artists featured here can be heard on the stations playlist.

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Matt Schofield

Matt’s UK tour starts November 14th. Support comes from Ben Poole.

Check out the website for more info.

Roly Platt (Canada)
Inside Out (2014)

Roly is a new name to me. I stumbled across Roly purely by chance on youtube, and liked what I saw. Apparently Roly’s been around the Canadian music scene for 35 years, plying his trade as a harmonica player, which probably explains why this is such a fine ‘Debut’ release by him.

Inside Out is primarily an instrumental Blues album, but also dips into other genres.  

I recommend you at least check this recording out.

Tracks can be heard/purchased here along with physical copies of the CD:

Smiling Jack Smith (Spain)
Smiling Jack Smith & David Gwynn – Simple Pleasure (2014)
Can be purchased via Jacks website.
Smiling Jack Smith & David Gwynn – Now That Truth Was Gone (2010)
Smiling Jack Smith - This Blue Before (2006)

Some nice blues from Spain, courtesy of Smiling Jack Smith and David Gwynn. Although based in Spain both Jack and David appear to be American? Well worth checking out.

The albums can be bought from the website or the links above. Smiling Jack has a further two release which can be heard/bought from Bandcamp.

Second Chance (1996)

Three Seconds To Love Me (2002)

Joe Bonamassa
Different Shades Of Blue (single)

Joe releases a two track ‘single’ of ‘Different Shades Of Blue’, from the album of the same name on 8th December. If you don’t have it, I recommend the album. 


John The Conqueror (USA)

A band worth checking out? You can download four tracks from each of their albums in any format you like.

BluesMotel (Holland)

Now defunct Dutch band. Two full free downloads in any format you wish.

The Damned & The Dirty (Holland)

Offshoot of the previous band. Full download in any format.