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As someone who has a keen interest in harmonica playing, I have now started a harmonica hub. Please note this a work in progress and will be updated regulary. More details can be found at: 


Dave Hunt (UK)
100 Horses (2017) (Mad Ears Productions)

Another fine release from Dave. Harmonica blues with a difference. Well worth checking out.

This and other releases can be purchased from Mad Ears here:


Henrik Freischlader (GDR)
Blues For Gary (2017) (Cable Car Records)

For this release, Henrik plays homage to one of his inspirations, Gary Moore.

This is definitely blues planted in Blues/Rock. If you’re looking for something to rock your socks off. This is it! I love it……….


01. The Prophet
02. The Messiah Will Come Again
03. Blues for Narada
04. Intro Zsolt Vámos
05. Where Did We Go Wrong? feat. Ben Poole
06. Where Are You Now? feat. Cliff Moore
07. Jumping at Shadows feat. Mike Andersen
08. With Love (Remember) feat. RoMi & Linda Sutti
09. Johnny Boy Royal Street Orchestra feat. Harrisen Larner-Main
10. Parisienne Walkways feat. Harrisen Larner-Main

The Band:

Henrik Freischlader - Guitar
Pete Rees - Bass
Vic Martin - Keyboards & Hammond Organ
Moritz Meinschäfer - Drums
Cliff Moore - Guitar & Vocals
Ben Poole - Guitar & Vocals
Harrisen Larner-Main - Vocals
Mike Andersen - Vocals
Linda Sutti - Vocals
Mickey Neher - Drums
Roman Babik - Keyboards
Armin Alic - Bass
Christopher Huber - Violin
Cornelius Thiem - Cello
Christopher Esch - Guitar
Zsolt Vámos – Guitar


Selwyn Birchwood (USA)
Pick Your Poison (2017) (Alligator Records)

For this is the second release on the Alligator label, Selwyn’s really upped his game. That said there’s nothing wrong with his previous releases. I think things bode well for the young talent.

You can hear the album here:

You can hear Selwyn’s previous release here:


Chris King Robinson (UK)
Tell Me Why You’re Scared (2015)
She’s Got Nine Lives (2016)

A couple of fine releases from this up and coming British guitarist. Definitely falls into the category of Blues/Rock-Rock.

I’ve seen him and his band live a couple of times now. Well worth checking out….

Both releases can be purchased from his website.