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JD & The Electro-Tones (UK/France)
JD & The Electro-Tones EP

The band is fronted by Julien D’imperio (Harmonica/Vocals), who is originally from France, but now based in the UK.

This is an impressive four track debut release from the band. The EP was recorded ‘Live’ at the Abbey Road Studios, London. There promises to be a full album at the end of the year.

To obtain a copy you can either contact JD through the website or the bands Facebook page.

Lil’ Jimmy Reed (Leon Atkins)(USA)
Live (2019)

Long been a fan of L’ JR. if you’ve seen him live you’ll know what to expect. If not this  would be a great introduction. A solid release from start to finish.

L’ JR is backed superbly by Bob Hall (Piano), Hilary Blythe (Bass) and Neil Burton (Drums). 

Tiny Legs Tim (Belgium)
Elsewhere Bound (2019)

Another fine release from Tim (Tim De Graeve). This might not be ‘Bluesy’ enough for the blues purists, but that said it’s not too far away.

Tim is backed a stellar band which includes Steven Troch on harmonica.

ElectroBluesSociety feat Boo Boo Davis (USA/Holland)
Tree Man (2019) 

Simply the album of the year so far! Available as a CD/download o streaming through Spotify or Itunes.

Vin Mott (USA)
Rogue Hunter (2019)

Second release from Vin. Solid harmonica playing. The album can be heard and purchased from his website.

Chase Walker (USA)
Live At The Woodshed (2018)

Definitely blues on the rockier side. Fine indeed. This and other release can be heard and purchased from his website.

Chase is also giving away free copies. Find out more here:

You can see the band in action here:

Tomislav Goluban (Croatia)
Chicago Rambler (2019)

This is Tomislav’s tenth release. Harmonica heaven. The album was recorded in Chicago.

Tomislav is backed by Eric Norden/Guitar - E.G McDaniel/Bass - Kenny Beedy Eyes Smith/ Drums. Joe Filisko play harmonica on two tracks.

Pulsator (Norway)
9 (2018)

A new band to me. More on the rockier side.

You can check the album out here:

Travis Bowlin (USA)
Secundus (2018)

Another fine release from Travis. More Blues/Rock the Blues.

The album can be purchased from Travis’s website.

You can hear the album here:

Black Cat Biscuit (Belguim)
That's How The Cookie Crumbles (2019)

Lively upbeat release. The band take their influences of West Coast Swing, Shuffle, Jazz, Boogie, raw Slide and Texas Blues.

The band was selected for the finals of the Belgian Blues Challenge in 2017 and won the Belgian Blues Challenge in 2018. They will represent Belgium at the European Blues Challenge in Portugal in 2019.

The single Parrot Woman can be seen here:

Slide Tracked (UK)
I See Trouble Everywhere EP (2018)

The latest release from Tim Jones and Rich Turner. The EP is made up of five originals, in a various styles of blues. The album can be heard and purchased from their website.

Matheus Mendes (Brazil)
Thornton Lee & The Blues Company (2018)

To me this is not strictly a blues album, but said its pretty good.

You can hear the album here: